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Bulldog Letter Reversals (b,d,m,n,u)

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Quick Overview

This is Bulldog Letter Reversals the games worksheets and activities complete multi-sensory pack from Let Me Learn for children aged 5-12 years.

Introducing your child to Bulldog, Molly, Ned and Udy, will give him / her strategies to remember the difference between these confusing sounds: ‘b’ and ‘d’, ‘m’ and ‘n’, and ‘u’ and ‘n’.   And in most cases it will resolve the problem entirely and you will have a happy smiling child again. The animal theme keeps children engaged and motivated helping them have lots of fun whilst they learn.

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Detailed Description

What’s included: 18 board games, 10 card games, over 300 worksheets including sound word and sentence level, 24 booklets, Posters, Desk Prompts, tips, kinaesthetic activities, certificates and create your own sticker templates.. see the full CD contents below.

Pack Contents: Large sturdy wooden letters ‘b’, ‘d’, ’m’, ’n’, ’u’, Resources CD (contains all the Bulldog, Molly, Ned and Udy resources to print), Storage bag (for your printed resources).

CD Contents: (Available for b/d, m/n and u/n unless stated otherwise)

Key Stage 1 Level:

  • 6 Sound and 3 Word level board games*
  • 3 Bingo games
  • 3 Flashcards games
  • 3 Dominoes game
  • Colour and cut for kinaesthetic learning
  • 18 Sound, 36 word & 28 sentence worksheets
  • Tips and ideas for remembering b/d,m/n, u/n
  • 15 Posters to link and reinforce learning
  • Kinaesthetic activities to reinforce learning
  • Desk prompts to help children at their desk
  • 14 Dot to dot spatial awareness worksheets (not u/n)
  • 51 Dotty handwriting worksheets*
  • Laterality activity to practise left and right
  • 30 Spot the difference worksheets
  • 30 Mazes (incl. solutions)
  • 48 Sequencing worksheets
  • 17 Booklets to print and practise
  • Reward certificates* and sticker templates

Key Stage 2 Level & Dyslexia:

  • 9 More Word level board games*
  • p/d/b Dominoes game + m/n/u dominoes game
  • b/d Families & Rummy games
  • New kinaesthetic memory poster for b and u
  • 34 more worksheets sentence level
  • 10 More dot to dot spatial awareness worksheets (not u/n)
  • Another laterality activity for b/d
  • 30 More spot the difference worksheets
  • 30 More mazes (incl. solutions)
  • 6 Sentence level booklets incl. mix and match booklet

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22.02.2014 | 22:39

This looks great,I am hoping it will help with those reversals.I can't wait to see how effective it's going to be,I bought this product because of the positive reviews.