Jake Monkey-Tail Spelling Book

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  • Jake Monkey-Tail

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Have you ever struggled to spell a word? Have you ever heard a word and thought, ‘oh that’s easy to spell’ and then you sound it out really carefully, spell it and then an adult can’t read it?”

Jake Monkey-Tail is a story about a fabulous, colourful little monkey who lives in Monkey Jungle. Every day Jake goes to Monkey school.  He has one problem though and that is, that he cannot spell!  Every week, Jake gets zero or two out of ten for his spelling test. He realises that he needs to learn how to spell properly if he is ever going to get through school. One day, after a particularly bad spelling test, Jake swings into a magical part of Monkey Jungle. He finds himself surrounded by hundreds of sparkling and dazzling letters. It is there that Jake meets the wise Spelladictionary Monkey, who then guides him in learning to spell in an enchanting and engaging way. Jake soon feels ready for his first 10/10!

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