Benjamin Writer-Messy Handwriting Book

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Benjamin Writer-Messy is a unique story about a boy who lives in Pencil Land, a land where every building, every car and even every person resembles a pencil! Everyone in Pencil Land has the most perfect handwriting - everyone except for Benjamin Writer-Messy that is. He knows it’s time to learn how to write properly if he is going to win the upcoming handwriting competition at school. Follow Benjamin on his magical journey as he visits the mystical Handwriting Queen and transforms from being Benjamin Writer-Messy in to Benjamin Writer-Messy No More!

Inspirations and ideas

I was inspired to write a story about handwriting about two and half years ago. At that time, I was seeing a little boy to help him develop his articulation skills and I could see that for him, handwriting was a laborious task and a struggle. It occurred to me, that there were no inspirational stories available for children to encourage them to develop specific school skills, and so I thought, with this particular boy in mind, “let me try and write a story!”

The character, Benjamin Writer-Messy was created over two years ago. Writing Benjamin has been quite a slow process, with lots of stops and starts and motivational pep-talks. Being in schools, I was able to read Benjamin Writer-Messy to classes, still in its unfinished form and also without illustrations. The children responded to the storyline with interest and this encouraged me to keep going with the story and to also find an illustrator, and try and figure out how to make and publish book.  I contacted an old school friend that is now an artist. Together we did what we could with the story but eventually got to the point where we didn’t know what to do next! Fortunately, my friend was able to find a designer, who with his design team was able to transform Benjamin into Benjamin Writer-Messy. Seeing what was possible with Benjamin Writer-Messy, it became clear there many more real life and endearing stories needed to be written. Stories based specifically within different learning environments, and that target key developmental skills and typical developmental difficulties.

The team of people who have been a part of putting Benjamin together, say that Benjamin Writer-Messy has very much been an epic story from its origins to its completion.  This whole process has been an inspiration to keep going and write many more original stories that highlight weaknesses that children may have at school but also send out two positive messages; the first being that, it is OK to find specific skills hard and the second being, there is always a solution to overcoming a particular skill.

For me the solution is in thinking and searching creatively. This is the message that I hope to convey in each of the stories that I write and this is the way, in which I work as a speech and language therapist.

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ISBN 13 9780956524706
ISBN 10 0956524702
Author Priya Desai
Illustrated by Emma Hockley
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 32 Pages
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