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What is Dyscalculia? 

Dyscalculia is a learning disability that impairs an individual’s ability to learn number related concepts, sequencing and perform accurate maths calculation. 

Subjects include basic maths, times table, algebra, multiplication, and division. 

Our maths books include a selection from renowned authors including Steve Chinn, Ronit Bird and Carol Voderman plus many more. 

Steve Chinn books cover a wide range of maths, and these are books that deal with dyscalculia. Steve Chinn is an ex-teacher of children with serve specific learning difficulties. 

Ronit Birds approach to teaching numeracy is that we should be teaching for understanding it in a hand on and multisensory way. Learning through play is a good way of motivation children to learn. 

Carol Voderman books are fully linked to the National Curriculum and support classroom learning. Her books include parental guidance notes and tips. Books come with a certificate which the parent/carer can fill in so are a great option for home learning. 

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