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Brogy Sentence Builder Sets 1 & 2

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Improve reading, writing and spelling skills, whilst at the same time kindling confidence and humour with this best-selling teaching aid for remedial groups of any age.

The name BROGY gives an easily recalled colour code: Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow.

Pupils choose five word tablets at random, taking one of each colour, then place them in BROGY order.

The resulting sentence can be copied or read aloud.

The two sets each contain 210 coloured plastic cards divided into seven sets of 30 cards with a different theme. Each is capable of producing over 50,000 different and often humorous sentences as well as being a valuable word bank with many other uses.

Set 1 has the following themes: Family, Wild animals, Birds, Fruit, Farm animals, Transport and Road transport.

Set 2 themes are Sport, Weather, Geography, Flowers, Fish, Food and Pets. 

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