Cerium A4 Coloured Overlays

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  • 12 different colours are available.
  • The overlays are UK paper size A4 that approximates to 297 x 210 mm or 11.7 x 8.3 inches.
  • A great resource for Dyslexia and visual impairments.
  • Overlays can easily be cut in half to use with smaller pages.
  • Coloured overlays in A4 size can be preferable to the smaller, more convenient reading rulers in a number of cases.

A4-size transparent overlays, colour matched to the Cerium Coloured Overlays Testing Kit. These overlays are ideal for reading larger texts, sheet music, etc.

The overlays have a shiny side and a matt side to provide improved usability over a range of lighting conditions. Reading from the shiny side gives a subjectively crisper appearance to the underlying text, but can reflect overhead lighting. The matt side trades slightly decreased clarity for less reflection.

NOTE: The colours available in this range of overlays are primarily intended for use by children who have been tested using the Cerium Overlays Testing Kit and may not match similarly named colours from other overlay vendors.

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