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  2. Hi there, just introducing myself here. I'm Laetitia and my daughter Ffion, who's 8, has dyslexia. She was diagnosed a year ago. Her main issues are spelling, handwriting and more than anything - maths. It's her working memory which affects her mental maths. I've had to learn a lot about dyslexia and about how to teach a dyslexic child during the two home-schooling lockdowns. I often feel unsure on whether I'm doing the right thing in terms of what we do at home (we try and do about 20 mins a day) and the decisions I need to make about her school 'career'. I look forward to hearing advice from
  3. There are many software extensions to web browsers – especially the cloud-based software. This assistive technology for dyslexia spell-checks words that regularly flummoxes MS Word and Google. Based on its AI-system it mimics a human solving a task. Digital technology provides greater and more flexible learning opportunities to everyone, regardless of their age, disability, or social demographic. The use of cloud technology has also ensured that this inclusivity also extends to those with special educational needs. Cloud-based applications and emerging technologies such as smart devices and ar
  4. One thing that gets me is the "Oh I can't spell, I must be Dyslexic" I am always tempted to reply, " I have Tourettes so please XXXX off". The other thing that gets me is disbelief that I could be dyslexic, normally people just assumed that dyslexia is just about reading, when in reality it is so much more , both positive and negative. I still find that people do not despite years of knowing recognise the struggles, trying to pick out which person we are talking about based solely upon their first name, leaving me scrabbling for which person we are talking about.
  5. Just been on to the MADE BY DYSLEXIA website, they certainly do look like they are raising awareness and offering great support to everyone involved in the Dyslexia World. I love the fact they are offering free dyslexia training 🙂
  6. Hi LJ, welcome, good to have you here on the forum. Hope we can offer support to you in your new diagnosis. Take care.
  7. The school with your help are required to draw up and implement an individual education plan ,to support your child's learning. https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/iep.html
  8. Yes, I communicated with the class teacher about this.
  9. Howard

    Hi I am Nick

    Welcome @Nick I can very much relate to being able to problem solve but no explain the steps it takes to get to there.
  10. I use audiobokks.com. it is free. However, many of the readers are American and whilst I do not object to that, it is painful to hear complete mispronunciation of British places and names.. there is a reasonable range , but missing some other great reads.
  11. nick


    I think you will find that the majority of parents and children are finding home schooling difficult. I would try to sweeten the pill by looking for activities such as making biscuits, where they need to read the recipe (reading and comprehension), measuring ingredients (maths) mixing and making (science)(art) eating enjoyment!
  12. Hello, I'm LJ! 👋 I'm an author from the UK. I found out I was Dyslexic in 2020 as an adult, and due to lockdowns etc I haven't been able to join any local dyslexic adult groups in my area, so was thrilled to find this forum! Take care everyone! xx
  13. nick

    Hi I am Nick

    It is a bit of a challenge knowing where to start, yes I am dyslexic, I did not discover this until I was in my 40s. It was a shock to discover just how dyslexic i was / am But many people are still surprised that I could be dyslexic (don't you just hate the statement "I can't spell I must be dyslexic"). What I know about myself is that I can problem solve. However, I often cannot explain the stages that I have considered in reaching the conclusion. I suppose it is a type of black box scenario. You put in the problem and receive an answer but do not get all the stages of thought and
  14. It is a really difficult issue, as readers who are reading below their chronological age are often embarrassed about reading. I would seek book comics cartoons that inspire their interest. Share the reading, you read they follow ask questions about the content, predict the next thing to happen. Keep the steps small and have breaks. Keep in mind for a dyslexic to read is similar to a wheel chair user climbing stairs (it is not easy) All reading is goodreading like the person set the subject matter.
  15. Hello Marythaa, Welcome to our community! Have you raised concerns about your son's difficulties with his school? This would normally be the first route into having his progress monitored and regularly reviewed.
  16. My son has dyslexia, and he was struggling at school. The latest assessment shows that he has got problems with memory and verbal communication. But, he is good at Mathematics. He was attending online classes for the past year due to the COVID outbreak. Now, their school has reopened, and the teachers have asked them to get back to school next month. I was able to pay attention to his studies while he was at home, which has helped him a lot. I am not sure whether he will get the same care at school. The teachers said that the school had upgraded their student health management system, whic
  17. Following on from Howard's post above, there is a super charity called Listening Books that offers a great range of audiobooks for people to download, here's the if anyone is interested: https://www.listening-books.org.uk/
  18. P.S. Just a quick thought Jennifer, do you have any visual stress going on? Might be worth just checking that out. I wasn't diagnosed until my late 40's and I couldn't believe what a difference it made to my ability to read comfortably, tension headaches disappeared and my reading speed and concentration improved vastly.
  19. Hi Jennifer, welcome!, Yes I totally agree, definitely something I have problems with too, unless I'm really interested in what I am reading etc I find my mind wanders off onto other thoughts!! It's annoying and tiring as you say! I agree with Sam, best to try and take a break and give yourself time to re focus, I also find just a quick walk round the office or house and then settle back to the task helps. If I can't get up and move away, I have a fidget gadget that i keep on my desk and this can re focus me quite quickly.
  20. Hi Jennifer, welcome to the community! This is definitely something I struggle with at work - sometimes I just can't focus and take information in / stay on task. I tend to find it's best to accept and to try and reset a bit, for example taking a walk or thinking about something entirely different for a littler while!
  21. Hi there does anyone else get the same if I get a tension headache or I’m having a day where I find it difficult to sit and reads makes things so much longer for me when I Cannot focus.
  22. Honor


    Hello Caroline, Welcome to our community 🙂 Good to hear you are having your son assessed for Visual Stress, I would follow the recommendations that the Optician who assesses him gives you, but generally it is advisable to let him use an overlay for a period of time to establish whether he is using the correct colour. Very often, in my experience, after a couple of months the colour might change so worth having him re assessed at that point and then perhaps discuss lens versus overlays with your Optician. I hope this helps Caroline?
  23. Caroline


    Hello, I have a 7 year old son who has auditory issues so struggles with reading and writing. We are just about to have him tested by an optician to see what colour overlays he may need to help plant his words. I have heard mixed reports about the lenses for glasses you can buy, are they the best thing for a child to have who needs them? Or are the overlays the best thing to purchase? I’ve heard mixed reports? Any advice guidance would be extremely helpful as I’m not sure what’s best for him at this stage. Thank you.
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