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  1. Yes, I communicated with the class teacher about this.
  2. My son has dyslexia, and he was struggling at school. The latest assessment shows that he has got problems with memory and verbal communication. But, he is good at Mathematics. He was attending online classes for the past year due to the COVID outbreak. Now, their school has reopened, and the teachers have asked them to get back to school next month. I was able to pay attention to his studies while he was at home, which has helped him a lot. I am not sure whether he will get the same care at school. The teachers said that the school had upgraded their student health management system, which is very beneficial to physically weak students. They said that both parents and teachers could track students' health status via this s/w and take appropriate actions when needed. I like to know how you people are dealing with this. Does your school provide extra support to dyslexic students?
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