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  1. Welcome @Laetitia Tempelman:)
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    Hi I am Nick

    Welcome @Nick I can very much relate to being able to problem solve but no explain the steps it takes to get to there.
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    Hi @Truly
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    Welcome aboard @Will 🙂
  5. Great source of information on dyslexia from the British Dyslexia Association https://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/dyslexia/about-dyslexia/what-is-dyslexia
  6. Hello everyone, Being Dyslexic myself I have a come to realise the huge advantages which come with it, but also accept the challenges we can face. I believe the key is finding ways to overcome these difficulties and unlock the potential of the person. I joined The Dyslexia Shop in 2018 to help continue the great work of my parents with providing products and support to truly help people. I look forward to offering any help I can.
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