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  1. Just been on to the MADE BY DYSLEXIA website, they certainly do look like they are raising awareness and offering great support to everyone involved in the Dyslexia World. I love the fact they are offering free dyslexia training πŸ™‚
  2. Hi LJ, welcome, good to have you here on the forum. Hope we can offer support to you in your new diagnosis. Take care.
  3. Hello Marythaa, Welcome to our community! Have you raised concerns about your son's difficulties with his school? This would normally be the first route into having his progress monitored and regularly reviewed.
  4. Following on from Howard's post above, there is a super charity called Listening Books that offers a great range of audiobooks for people to download, here's the if anyone is interested: https://www.listening-books.org.uk/
  5. P.S. Just a quick thought Jennifer, do you have any visual stress going on? Might be worth just checking that out. I wasn't diagnosed until my late 40's and I couldn't believe what a difference it made to my ability to read comfortably, tension headaches disappeared and my reading speed and concentration improved vastly.
  6. Hi Jennifer, welcome!, Yes I totally agree, definitely something I have problems with too, unless I'm really interested in what I am reading etc I find my mind wanders off onto other thoughts!! It's annoying and tiring as you say! I agree with Sam, best to try and take a break and give yourself time to re focus, I also find just a quick walk round the office or house and then settle back to the task helps. If I can't get up and move away, I have a fidget gadget that i keep on my desk and this can re focus me quite quickly.
  7. Honor


    Hello Caroline, Welcome to our community πŸ™‚ Good to hear you are having your son assessed for Visual Stress, I would follow the recommendations that the Optician who assesses him gives you, but generally it is advisable to let him use an overlay for a period of time to establish whether he is using the correct colour. Very often, in my experience, after a couple of months the colour might change so worth having him re assessed at that point and then perhaps discuss lens versus overlays with your Optician. I hope this helps Caroline?
  8. Hi Texnusa, Really useful ideas, thank you, I especially like your #1 idea and will try this with my Grandson πŸ™‚
  9. Barrington Stoke, have published a free digital pack of advice, information and resources to support dyslexic children learning from home. https://www.barringtonstoke.co.uk/product-category/free-resources/
  10. Hi Will, Its a good idea to try and home in on any area your son is particularly interested in, and find his reading level appropriate books to try and engage him. There are several different reading schemes you can use, Barrington Stoke have a super range of reading age appropriate but with chronological age interest content, these might help. Failing that its always worth trying to engage him by asking him to read road signs, food packets, recipes that he would like to make? No matter what age he is, please keep reading to him, he will still be learning an enormous amount from th
  11. Honor


    Hi Will, welcome to the forum, yes I'm at sure home schooling is very difficult at the moment. Here to help if you have any areas in particular you need advice in?
  12. Hello everyone, I have owned and run The Dyslexia Shop for 12years, I have Dyslexia and Dyscalculia myself and my two sons have Dyslexia which is where my interest and passion for helping other people has come from. I am a trained BDA, Network 81 and Nasen Befriender, I also helped our Local Authority when they set up the Independent Parental Supporters scheme in our County. I am also the Secretary for our local Suffolk Dyslexia Association, having been on the committee for 22 years wearing different hats , I have gained a huge amount of experience in the Dyslexia world.
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