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  1. It is a difficult question to answer , as it depends on what is defined as the main role of the job, I supposed it is similar to a vegetarian butcher who refuses to touch meat. With a sympathetic manager they could take note and you write them up.
  2. One thing that gets me is the "Oh I can't spell, I must be Dyslexic" I am always tempted to reply, " I have Tourettes so please XXXX off". The other thing that gets me is disbelief that I could be dyslexic, normally people just assumed that dyslexia is just about reading, when in reality it is so much more , both positive and negative. I still find that people do not despite years of knowing recognise the struggles, trying to pick out which person we are talking about based solely upon their first name, leaving me scrabbling for which person we are talking about.
  3. The school with your help are required to draw up and implement an individual education plan ,to support your child's learning. https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/iep.html
  4. I use audiobokks.com. it is free. However, many of the readers are American and whilst I do not object to that, it is painful to hear complete mispronunciation of British places and names.. there is a reasonable range , but missing some other great reads.
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    I think you will find that the majority of parents and children are finding home schooling difficult. I would try to sweeten the pill by looking for activities such as making biscuits, where they need to read the recipe (reading and comprehension), measuring ingredients (maths) mixing and making (science)(art) eating enjoyment!
  6. nick

    Hi I am Nick

    It is a bit of a challenge knowing where to start, yes I am dyslexic, I did not discover this until I was in my 40s. It was a shock to discover just how dyslexic i was / am But many people are still surprised that I could be dyslexic (don't you just hate the statement "I can't spell I must be dyslexic"). What I know about myself is that I can problem solve. However, I often cannot explain the stages that I have considered in reaching the conclusion. I suppose it is a type of black box scenario. You put in the problem and receive an answer but do not get all the stages of thought and
  7. It is a really difficult issue, as readers who are reading below their chronological age are often embarrassed about reading. I would seek book comics cartoons that inspire their interest. Share the reading, you read they follow ask questions about the content, predict the next thing to happen. Keep the steps small and have breaks. Keep in mind for a dyslexic to read is similar to a wheel chair user climbing stairs (it is not easy) All reading is goodreading like the person set the subject matter.
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