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Hi I am Nick


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It is a bit of a challenge knowing where to start, yes I am dyslexic, I did not discover this until I was in my 40s. It was a shock to discover just how dyslexic i was / am

But many people are still surprised that I could be dyslexic (don't you just hate the statement "I can't spell I must be dyslexic").

 What I know about myself is that I can problem solve. However, I often cannot explain the stages that I have considered in reaching the conclusion. I suppose it is a type of black box scenario. You put in the problem and receive an answer but do not get all the stages of thought and rejected ideas, just the answer. (this can just annoy people)

I cannot hold peoples names and struggle when trying to remember who someone is or their context of how I know them.

With written work I have overriding auto correct, I type what I think is correct but cannot see context or spelling errors, Also I tend to use twenty words when several will do! 

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