Finding Fractions

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Finding Fractions - Understand why fractions are written in the way that they are, by finding fractions of shapes, quantities and continuous amounts.

Understanding fractions can be difficult at any age, especially aged 7 and under.

Showing how circular, quantitative and continuous fractions are made, these ingenious cards show an empty (white or black) plate or vessel divided into a certain number of parts.

When a green, e.g. cake is placed over the top of the colour-coded plate, the fraction of the whole cake can be clearly seen both visually and numerically.

Higher level players can then be asked to work out the fraction of the cake that is missing.

Set focuses on 1/2s, 1/3s and 1/4s with content, games and activities suitable for up to 6 players.

Ages 6-7+ and SEN.

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