Handwriting Practice 1

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The Handwriting Practice books support literacy in schools by giving children practice in forming and joining letters, helping them to develop handwriting that is neat, fluent, legible and fast.

Handwriting Practice 1 focuses on letter formation, with capital letters introduced in the middle section.

Fully compatible with any school handwriting scheme, Handwriting Practice works methodically through the different letters and joins, and features workbook style exercises for children to complete.

The simple format of the books makes them easily accessible, enabling all children to work independently - though support from an adult helper is always beneficial.

FOCUS points at the foot of each page highlight key points for helpers to look out for.

Children are supported by coloured dots, dotted lines and arrows indicating where to begin each letter and how to form the shape, guidelines indicating the height and length of letters and real-life copying tasks, including writing notes, message and an invitation

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ISBN 13 9780721712031
Author Carol Matchett
Binding Paperback
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