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Learning from Home

Remote learning can seem incredibly challenging, but with the right educational resources, you can transform how your child learns. No matter whether you are looking to support your child during the school holidays or you are taking a more permanent teaching role, knowing how to help a child with dyslexia at home is incredibly important.

Teaching from home requires patience and the right home-schooling resources. Here at The Dyslexia Shop, we know how important educational resources are in helping your child to achieve their best. That is why we have an extensive collection of remote learning tools and equipment specifically designed for children with dyslexia.

Home-schooling is an incredibly varied process and will see you covering a wide range of topics. That is why we offer parents games, tools and resources for every major subject. We have a wide range of numeracy resources for those children with who might struggle with dyscalculia, as well as a wide range of spelling and reading accessories. For those covering science topics while teaching from home, we also offer a huge collection of books and accessories, including telescopes, compasses and chemistry kits.

Outside of core curriculum subjects, we also provide parents with remote learning educational resources. This includes sensory tools and voice sounds for preschool children and toddlers as well as essentials such as colour overlays, toys and accessories.

All of our products are carefully selected by our experienced team, and we offer educational resources for children of all ages and skill levels. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, and you will be able to find those essential accessories and resources to ensure your child can maximise their learning in a fun and inclusive environment.

You can check out the full range below or get in touch with our team today to find out more.



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