Maped Visio Ball Point Pen Left Handed

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The Visio Left Handed Ball Point Pens are the newest pens designed by Maped, who have analyzed left handed writing as well as other fine motor skills.

The Maped left-handed range offers a multitude of products in forms adapted for an ideal grip: guided, but not forced. Guaranteed comfort for everyone!


  • a hooked neck and off-centre tip allowing left handers to see what they are writing
  • a trianglular, soft-touch grip, ergonomically designed for left handers to use with correct posture (ensures longer writing periods without pain)
  • fast-drying non-smudge ink with an ultra-smooth flow
  • black ink


Ergonomics Quality & reliability


Reverse blade allows you hold the pencil in the left hand and turn clockwise (natural movement for left-handed people)

Visio Pen

1 ergonomic pen that allows left-handed people to see what they write

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