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Glitter Pencils With Eraser Tip x6 - Maped

Glitter Pencils With Eraser Tip x6 - Maped

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Ideal for technical or artistic drawing, perfect for students from primary school to college, the HB pencil is a must-have for every student. This is why Maped has designed a high-quality comfortable graphite pencil, with a resistant lead, to accompany you on a daily basis. Thanks to its eraser tip, you no longer need to look for an eraser! HB, for Hard Black, qualifies a standard lead hardness suitable for flexible writing, both for ordinary use and for high-precision work. The medium hardness of HB Maped leads allows good erasing while preserving the quality of the paper and drawing. The triangular shape of Maped pencils ensures an optimal grip for guaranteed writing comfort and precise line. Be on the cutting edge of fashion with these back-to-school essentials! 6 Glitter graphite pencils, with glitter decorations in pink, blue, green, purple, gold and silver.

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