S.E.N.D. In The Clowns : Essential Autism / ADHD Family Guide

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S.E.N.D. In The Clowns was written to help parents get ideas and explanations regarding Autism and ADHD , and their child's struggle.

S.E.N.D. In The Clowns started as a collection of diary entries and a way for author and mother, Suzy Rowland, to write through tears of injustice. But Suzy's aim isn't just to tell a personal story, it's to help parents untangle red tape, stay engaged and feel empowered as they march, with their autism or ADHD child, through a system that struggles to educate children who are different.

Packed with guidance, S.E.N.D In The Clowns is a surprisingly positive and uplifting read. A unique handbook of self-care and practical advice for parents who find themselves on the autism merry-go-round. S.E.N.D in the Clowns is a play on the acronym Special Educational Needs and Disability hinting that these children's behaviour may look like they are either the sad clown sitting quietly in the corner or the zany clown performing slap stick tricks to make everyone in the classroom laugh.

The reality is more poignant, these neurodiverse children are highly sensitive individuals who mask the pain and confusion of their neurodiversity in a school environment that is often frightening and confusing. S.E.N.D. in the Clowns takes you on two journeys: * Personal story from parent and child - from babe to pre-teen and...

* Professional guidance for parents and professionals who work with, teach or support autistic or ADHD children.

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ISBN 13 9781916286467
Author Suzy Rowland
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 272
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