Seeing Spells Achieving

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What it says on the back of the book Have you ever wished you could improve your reading, writing, spelling, maths, and your memory and learning skills? Well try this. Seeing Spells Achieving takes you through a series of simple logical steps which build on each other to enable you or your children to visualise your way to success, developing skills you already possess.

For 3 years Olive Hickmott and Andrew Bendefy worked with children and adults in groups and privately. Some with learning difficulties and many of whom had dyslexic tendencies. Within hours considerable progress has been made and all ages have been amazed that they now have a new and exciting choice of 'how to' spell. * "I can see every word that is being said and I can spell them too" * "This is so easy, isn't it cheating?" * "What I love about this is that it works. It is nothing like the way I have been taught before" * "Being able to visualise is great and so useful for many things" Olive and Andrew have devised an easy to run, practise oriented model. Work on your own or with a parent, friend or teacher and allow yourself to break free from your own limiting beliefs on your abilities." You'll be amazed how quickly Seeing Spells Achieving enables you to look at things from a New Perspective - ...and enjoy a whole new world.

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ISBN 13 9781904312208
ISBN 10 1904312209
Author Andrew Bendefy
Binding Paperback
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