Something Different About Dad: How to Live with Your Asperger's Parent

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Growing up with a parent on the autism spectrum can be difficult, and children may often feel confused and worried by the fact that their parent is so different to others.  

This positive book takes an honest look at how Asperger Syndrome can affect a family when a parent is on the spectrum, and reassures young people that it's ok to have a mum or dad who is different.

Sophie’s father Mark has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Using a comic strip format, she describes a series of occasions on which his condition manifests itself and the effects on all concerned.

Following each episode, the book’s author and illustrator step in to offer insight and advice.

They examine what happened, unravel problems, investigate why Mark behaved the way he did and suggest practical strategies for the future.

This is a book with much to offer in terms of increasing general awareness and understanding about the condition as well as having particular benefit to a young person with a parent who has Asperger’s.

It also serves to explore an aspect of AS rarely featured – that of the condition in adults.

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ISBN 13 9781785920127
Author Kirsti Evans and John Swogger
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 152 pages
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