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Stabilo Easy Graph S

£1.44 £1.20
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STABILO EASYgraph S is the ergonomic and narrow pencil for advanced school children learning to write precisely on fine lines and squared paper. Triangular design, non-slip grip for left-handed or right-handed users.

The STABILO EASYgraph S ergonomic graphite pencil aids advanced school children in mastering finer lines and squares and helps increase their writing speed. However, it remains very important to have a relaxed grip and hand posture, thus ensuring neat and fluid writing. The slim triangular shape and fine HB lead of the STABILO EASYgraph S will perfectly suit pupils with larger hands and is ideal for school work. It offers the same general advantages as the STABILO EASYgraph: it’s scientifically designed shape and grip moulds for either left-handed or right-handed pupils ensure that the correct grip can be found intuitively. Thus the fingers of the writing hand remain fully relaxed.

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