STABILO EASYgraph ergonomic pencils

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Once again, STABILO is pushing boundaries and establishing itself as an authority on “writing ergonomics”. With the STABILO EASYgraph now also convinces pencil-fans of the importance of the correct hand posture - quicker than you can say "ergonomically-designed"!

The Stabilo EASYGraph pencil: -

  • The first ergonomic graphite pencil especially for left- and right-handers.
  • Part of the STABILO EASYergonomics experts product line
  • Triangular design and unique non-slip grip moulds ensure a relaxed hand posture
  •  Even with sharpening, the staggered grip zone means that the children will be promoted to hold the pencil in the correct way right till the time the pencil is finished.
  • Yellow or red color coding at the end of the pencil indicates left- and right-handed versions
  • HB-grade lead equally suitable for both writing and sketching.
  • Wood from responsibly managed forests.
  • Each pencil has a name tag.

The advantages: -

  • Complete beginner or high-volume writer – the STABILO EASYgraph ensures an ergonomic experience one will no longer want to do without.
  • The perfect complement to the STABILO EASYcolors and the logical expansion of the ergonomic concept to almost any area of application
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