Talk to Me

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This handy book gives conversation strategies for parents of children on the Autism Spectrum or with Speech and Language Impairments.


If your child finds talking to people a struggle, then Talk To Me is the book to get the conversation started. 

In this hands-on guide, Heather Jones offers practical advice, born of experience with her own son, which will help you teach your child the principles of communication.

Full of strategies and examples, it shows how you can allay fears, build confidence and teach your child to enjoy conversation.

Once a child gets used to talking with other people, many life skills can develop more easily as they grow up - from making friends and shopping for themselves, to being interviewed and eventually getting a job.

This handy book provides guidance and inspiration to parents, teachers and anyone else who cares for a child who finds language and comprehension difficult.

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ISBN 13 9781849054287
ISBN 10 1849054282
Author Heather Jones
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 168 pages
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