Text Game

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Mel can't believe she's going out with the gorgeous Ben - but then she starts getting vicious text messages. An intriguing and enjoyable read.

What it says on the back of the book

"...it's like I'm frozen, my mind's somewhere else... that voice in my head is telling me to ask him about the texts, but I can't. I'm so scared. Scared he'll lie, scared of the truth."

Everything's going great in Mel's life. And the best bit's Ben. He's gorgeous, h's fun and great to be with - she can't believe he's going out with her. Then she starts getting nasty text messages. They say Ben's playing with her. They say he's going to dump her. They say he's seeing someone else. Are they just from some jealous nutcase, like her friend Lisa says? Or are the telling the truth?

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