The Jungle Journey: A whole-class Programme to Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills

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A whole-class programme to develop fine and gross motor skills in Reception/P1 classes.

Take your class on an exciting adventure through the jungle!

You will see their motor skills improve as they join in with the jungle dances and games, and create animals using a range of materials.

The Jungle Journey is a 9-week whole-class programme for the development of early fine and gross motor skills.

 It is designed to be delivered to Reception/P1 classes, and helps children work towards many of the early learning goals set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Motor skills are vital as children progress through school, and this programme will give them opportunities to practise skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, pencil control and finger dexterity, as well as auditory and visual sequencing and motor planning.

The Jungle Journey is a Staffordshire County Council initiative developed and written by Helen Burrows, a paediatric occupational therapist, Sara Christie and Sara Orr, both specialist community paediatric physiotherapists, and Yvette Ostermeyer, former senior advisory teacher for physical impairment.

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