The Send Code of Practice 0-25 Years: Policy, Provision & Practice

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How have you found the changes brought about by the new SEND Code of Practice: 0-25 years (2014)? 

This book is the ultimate guide to making sure that you are not only meeting the requirements, but are improving outcomes for children and young people as well.

Written for all professionals working in the field, it covers:

  •      The broader Children and Families Act (2014)
  •      The role of the local authority
  •      Guidance on all the key changes that school leaders, SENCO's, and staff are concerned about
  •      Case studies of settings across the 0-25 age range, including maintained schools, academies, free schools, and specialist and alternative provision.

Whether you work in education, health, or social care, or are training to do so, this book will genuinely improve your provision and practice for children and young people with SEND.

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ISBN 13 9781473907973
ISBN 10 9781473907973
Author Rona Tutt
Binding Paperback
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