The Word Wasp Hornet Literacy Primer

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The Hornet Literacy Primer is a manual for teaching literacy skillsof reading and spelling

The Hornet Literacy Primer is a manual for teaching literacy skills: reading and spelling.

It can be used by anyone, you do not need to be a teacher or a professional:  A coach needs a moderate ability to read the English language. 

Other than the manual, all you need is a pencil, an exercise book and scrap paper.   

Some of our students, particularly between the ages of 5 and 7, required both a slower start and a lower threshold.

The Hornet was specifically designed for these students. 

Adults with severe reading and spelling difficulties are also able to use the Hornet.

The Hornet’s early exercises are concerned with learning the basic phonic sounds of the alphabet code. 

These sounds are at the very foundation of our language.  

Our programmes are based on phonics and rules, central to which is the development of the ability to process sounds; particularly vowel sounds. 

Students of the Hornet will, from the beginning, develop the ability to identify vowel sounds from speech and express them graphically ( write them down!).  

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