What I Can Do When I Feel Angry Communication Fan

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What I Can Do When I Feel Angry Communication Fan – designed for the child to find alternative behaviour which is a safe and acceptable way to display their innermost feelings.

Really useful tool to support children and give them options to behave appropriately when they feel angry.

If we constantly say ‘no’ or stop a child from displaying how they feel then we are putting a lid on top of a pressure cooker and eventually children may want to explode with poor or inappropriate behaviour.

This fan helps children to know what they can do when they feel angry.  It is tool that you as the adult would work through and focus on the suggestions that you are happy with.

Suggestions to get rid of the feeling of being angry include: shaking your body, jumping up and down, stamping on the floor to stamp out the anger, run off the anger, blow out the anger, tear paper to get rid of the anger, pound a soft cushion or play dough, scribble out the anger or draw an angry picture.

Simple suggestions make a difference in the long term behaviour, by allowing anger to be released in a safe environment rather than constantly stopping the child from displaying how they feel.

The fan is not a toy and is designed to be used under adult supervision.  

The fan is 125mm x 45mm and is double laminated for extra strength.

This fan can be used alongside our 'What I Can Do To Calm Down Communication Fan' - TA444.

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