Flexitable – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will the grids last with all the continual folding?

We have been selling the Flexitables for over 20 years and we have never had any product returned or received a complaint regarding the PVC tearing along any of the horizontal or vertical channels.

Are the grids easy to clean?

Yes. Just wipe them with a damp cloth or hygienic wipe to remove sticky fingers or marker pens. One teacher did ask if she could wash the grids in her washing machine by putting them inside a pillow case and the answer is NO as the chemical reaction of the detergents could affect the PVC.

Do the colours of the ink or the PVC fade?

No they do not if they are stored away from direct sunlight.

Are the materials used to make Flexitables safe for children to use?

Yes they are. Both the inks and the PVC are lead free and the PVC is also phthalate free.

Our materials conform to the following international safety standards:

  • Inks: Directive 2011/65/EC regarding hazardous substances (ROHS)
  • PVC: European Toy Norm EN71/3; Proposition California 65; CPSIA Phthalate and lead free.

How do pupils benefit by using a Flexitable grid?

The Flexitables are multisensory products that children like to feel and work with. They are manipulatives and enable kinaesthetic learning as pupils can track either horizontally or vertically to obtain the correct answers to their problems which then gives them the full benefit of the Flexitable grids.

By manipulating the grids they can help improve their hand/eye/brain co-ordination and follow the old saying:


Pupils also like the grids because they can roll them up to fit into their pencil cases so that they have them both at school and at home.

Credit - https://flexitable.co.uk/blog/

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