Collection: Read Successfully

Trugs (for teachers), trugs at home (for parents) is a systematic synthetic phonics group of resources to enable anyone to help a child/student to progress their level of reading/spelling. The structured decodable card games combines the professional phonics side of learning with the fun side of playing card games in a hugely, effective and engaging way. The pupils will be succeeding in a manner that captures their enthusiasm and achieves incidental learning.

By reading the words within the card games at the selected Stage pupils are able to practise reading by sounding out the phonemes in a word from left to right and blending them together all through the word until they can read the word automatically. 

Trugs are reversible games. So where the games can be used as reading games, they can also be used as spelling games, reminding them that spelling is the reverse of reading. For reading we look at a written word and blend sounds; for spelling we listen to a spoken word and segment it to identify the sounds.

By using trugs you can practise, reinforce and consolidate reading and spelling, safe in the knowledge that by playing the games and having fun, the most effective teaching methods are being followed.

trugs follows Government guidelines on systematic synthetic phonics.

The UK Department for Education wishes to offer schools and early years settings support in choosing effective systematic synthetic phonics teaching materials. trugs provides a highly structured set of games and activities, aligned with a systematic synthetic phonics approach. trugs has been chosen by thousands of schools to be part of their phonics programme or as individual reading resources.

trugs gives teachers a resource for children, that allows them to practise and apply what they have been taught to read. trugs is an activity that is high quality, practical, efficient and focused on the main goal – reading and spelling using phonics.  trugs is a fun phonics resource, which can help to enable children to keep up and progress. trugs is a way to  give extra practice to all, either in a small group or one-to-one.

How can I teach my child to read and enjoy the time together?

trugs is a system based on a synthetic phonics structure to allow anyone, to help a child/student to progress their level of reading.

The trugs card games are deliberately designed with children and students in mind – in other words there is no mention of phonics, or letter clusters in the actual card games. The supportive literature gives all the details necessary, keeping the card games as an enjoyable way to practise the phonics being taught.

The card games are fun and competitive, with lots of laughter, they hardly notice the reading element – that’s why trugs works and that’s why children want to come back for more.

Every time they are playing they are decoding words in order to win. The stages are carefully graded to ensure easy progress and success.