Collection: Trugs

Trugs (for teachers), trugs at home (for parents) is a systematic synthetic phonics group of resources to enable anyone, who can themselves read, to help a child/student to progress their level of reading/spelling. The structured decodable card games combines the professional phonics side of learning to decode print with the fun side of playing card games in a hugely, effective and engaging way. The pupils will be succeeding in a manner that captures their enthusiasm and achieves incidental learning.



By reading the words within the four decodable card games at the selected Stage pupils are able to practise reading by sounding out the phonemes in a word from left to right and blending them together all through the word until they can read the word automatically. The trugs resource gives them an enjoyable and successful way to reinforce and consolidate the knowledge of their letter-sound correspondences.

It is important to realise that these are reversible games. So where the games can be used as reading games, they can also be used as spelling games, reminding them that spelling is the reverse of reading. For reading we look at a written word and blend sounds; for spelling we listen to a spoken word and segment it to identify the sounds.

By using trugs you can practise, reinforce and consolidate reading and spelling, safe in the knowledge that by playing the games and having fun, the most effective teaching methods are being followed.