Let's Sign BSL Early Years & Baby Signing Flashcards

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48 of the most useful FIRST SIGNS for babies and young children. 
Large image of the sign and word on one side and fingerspelt word and simple description of movements on the reverse.

These new FLASHCARDS are part of the 'LET'S SIGN EARLY YEARS Series' - a collection of British Sign Language (BSL) resources for babies and pre-school children, deaf or hearing. Developed by Deaf and hearing co-workers in response to the need for more and better BSL materials for schools and in the home.

For use with all educational sign systems based on BSL - in the field of deafness, learning disability and for signing with hearing babies and children.

Colourful and appealing to adults and children alike.

Approx 10cm x15cm laminated card set. 

Signs include ‘bath’ ‘bed’ ‘milk’ ‘more’ ‘thank you’ ‘hurt’ ‘cuddle’ ‘don’t touch’ ‘sorry’.

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