Understanding How Children Learn

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Understanding How Children Learn - What every teacher should know about sensory development.

This innovative book presents a breakthrough in our understanding of the underlying nature of the most common learning difficulties: ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, dyslexia and dryspraxia/developmental co-ordination disorder.  

It explores the sensory input systems that establish the learning pathways for reading, spelling and writing, and offers alternative views as to why some children are not learning as well as their peers.

This important book provides a clear explanation of the sensory systems that are vital to good learning and development.

The book includes simple screening tools and suggestions to help pupils, especially those with learning difficulties.

If we truly wish to offer our children the best education possible, we must take care to provide an environment to help the emergence of strong cognitive functioning based upon integrated sensory foundations.

Understanding How Children Learn offers an insight into the world of sensory processing and integration, enabling teachers to identify children with challenges.


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ISBN 13 9781855035003
ISBN 10 1855035006
Author Irene Swain
Binding Paperback
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