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Trugs PICS Box 3

Trugs PICS Box 3

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Structured/Multi-sensory Phonics with Picture/Word Recognition.

Ideal for extending English vocabulary as well as structured phonics.

Games can be played as many times as an individual would like as they progress through the trugs phonics Stages.  At the same time they are also developing their vocabulary and connections of words by matching words/pictures witht the different categories.


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Trugs PICS Box 3 - Four decks at trugs Stages 11, 12, 13/14, 14/15.

Card games to inspire reading fluency and vocabulary.

Box 2                                                              Word Examples

Stage 11 soft c                                               centipede

Stage 12 soft g                                               ginger

Stage 13/14 cle/four syllable words           pineapple/Australia

Stage 14/15 four syllable words /ti,ci,si     pomegranates/Russia

  • 4 decks of 36 cards totalling 144 cards.
  • Each deck has 5 graded games to play.
  • Instructions.

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