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Dyslexia Gold

Dyslexia Gold

What is Dyslexia Gold?

Dyslexia Gold is a fun, effective & unique program proven to help struggling readers catch up.

  • Improves Reading
  • Helps master Spelling
  • Checks for Key Indicators of dyslexia

Why are we different?

Dyslexia Gold goes Beyond Phonics to address underlying problems.

We address vision problems like convergence insufficiency and poor tracking as well as auditory problems, like the phonological deficit to build all the skills needed to read.

Suitable for ALL children

Dyslexia Gold is suitable for ALL struggling readers, including pupils who are very far behind.

Every child is different, so progress varies, but we often see a child's reading age improve by 12 months or more over 3 months.


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Dyslexia Gold Trial Results

Executive Summary

Dyslexia Gold is a suite of programs primarily for children with SEN. Three programs focus on reading, one on spelling and one on times tables. They are all designed to be calm, engaging and effective.

Three of the programs, Engaging Eyes, Fluency Builder and Spelling Tutor were subjected to formal trials during 2018. A further trial, in 2019, was planned for Engaging Eyes and Fluency Builder. Unfortunately, due to school closures, only the Engaging Eyes was completed.

Key Conclusions

  1. 98% of struggling readers cannot sustain convergence (focus both eyes on the same point for a period of time).
  2. Playing Engaging Eyes for 10 or more times improves the average reading speed and reading age of pupils.
  3. Playing Fluency Builder for even a short amount of time improves reading age.
  4. Playing Spelling Tutor for 10 or more times improves spelling age.
  5. The intervention is suitable for pupils with English as an Additional Language.
  6. Daily interventions within the school environment need to be prioritised to allow pupils to make swift progress.


Dyslexia Gold goes beyond phonics to create fluent readers and writers.
  • Reading improves by 12 months in a term

  • Spelling improves by 10.5 months in a term

  • Dyslexia Gold is an evidence based program to help pupils who aren't making progress despite high quality phonics teaching.











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