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C-Pen Exam Class Room Pack - 10 Pens

C-Pen Exam Class Room Pack - 10 Pens

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The C-Pen Exam Reader 2 class pack is the essential set of pens every school needs to help students with learning difficulties take exams confidently and achieve academic success. Presented in a smart and sturdy case with easy grip carry handle, this C-Pen Exam Reader 2 set can be transported around the school, college or university safely.
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What’s Included in the C-Pen Exam Reader 2 Class Pack?

In this set, you will get the following: 

  • 10 x C-Pen Exam Reader 2 Pens
  • 10 x headsets
  • 10 x USB cables
  • Carry case

Additional Accessories
There is also a USB hub sold separately, which gives you extra slots to charge up the C-Pen Exam Reader 2 pens. Simply search for D-Link DUB-H7.

Introducing C-Pen Exam Reader 2™


What is C-Pen Exam Reader 2™?

The C-Pen Exam Reader 2™ is the next generation exam support, designed to assist users through their learning journey. It's packed with a wealth of intuitive features that allow learners to overcome reading barriers and focus on achieving their academic goals.


Same Great Design, Even Greater Functionality

We took everything great from the ExamReader and made major enhancements for the Exam Reader 2. Scanning speeds are even faster now with AI-supported text-to-speech. The C-Pen Exam Reader 2™ also supports 10+ languages and features an audio-aided user interface to improve accessibility for all.


Portable Cost-Effective Exam Support

The C-Pen Exam Reader 2™ isn’t just a great investment in a student’s future, it’s also a valuable cost saving tool for schools. This device nurtures reading independence, putting complete control in the learner's hands. Schools that make the switch from human readers to digital readers see a reduction in monthly outgoing costs, leaving them with more resources.

Other essential benefits

  • Reduces exam anxiety and boosts self-confidence to help achieve better results
  • Promotes inclusivity, letting students read questions easily alongside their peers
  • Supports multiple languages for diverse learning
  • Improves student attainment so they flourish in academia and beyond
  • Saves schools time and money compared to human assistance during exam

C-Pen Exam Reader 2™ Features








Exam Board Guidance

The C-Pen Exam Reader 2™ has approval from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)* and Cambridge Assessment.

The device has been given exam board guidance from a number of examining bodies around the world, which includes no special access requirements in many cases.

To find out whether your exam board has approval to use the C-Pen Exam Reader 2™, please consult your awarding body for guidance.

Supported Languages* 

OCR & Text-To-Speech

  • Scan printed text in British English, American English, Australian English, Indian English, French, Canadian French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Flemish Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese
  • Hear the menu talk aloud in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian

C-Pen Exam Reader 2 Specifications

  • Screen OLED 256*64
  • CPU 1.2GHz dual core
  • AI based OCR
  • Micro USB (charging)
  • Earphone jack 3.5mm
  • Battery 600mAh
  • Scan Font Size Range 6.5 – 22 pt • Certifications CE, UKCA, RoHS FCC • Size Dimensions: 135*33*19mm
  • Weight: 50g

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