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Modeling Friends, Magical - Maped Creativ

Modeling Friends, Magical - Maped Creativ

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With Modeling Friends, children from 5 years old can have fun creating cute and endearing animals: a magical cat and a unicorn. Crafting and collecting hardening dough figurines. Modeling Friends allows children to develop fine motor skills, imagination and creativity while having fun! Learn about combining colour mixes, drawing and modeling, then children can play with their creations! To model the characters, create the body with the shaped-punch on the instructions plastic support. Mix, “marble” and shape the background elements, then assemble it without pressing too hard. You can draw the faces with a felt-tip pen. Leave to dry for 4 hours to obtain a small, solid figurine perfect for decorating a shelf! The box allows you to create 2 characters and their background. It contains 4 playdough individual pots (18g) + 1 4-colour playdough pot (31g) + 1 felt-tip pen + 1 plastic knife + 1 cookie cutter + 2 instructions.

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