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Oxford Primary Illustrated Science Dictionary: Age 8–11

Oxford Primary Illustrated Science Dictionary: Age 8–11

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A new edition of this favourite illustrated alphabetical dictionary with science terms and concepts from the curriculum clearly explained to support children aged 8–11. With around 1000 words and meanings and a thematic supplement on focus areas, it is the ideal quick reference tool for school and home.

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This is an easy-to-use illustrated dictionary that includes over 1000 words and meanings to help young learners understand key science terms and concepts from the National Curriculum at school and at home.

Words are explained in a simple and clear way and there are examples, diagrams, illustrations and photographs to help children understand the concepts. More detail has been added to existing words such as different types of teeth or bones (canine, molar, incisor, ribs, tibia, fibula, radius, ulna). Related words are listed in helpful ‘Word build’ panels to develop vocabulary in key areas.

This dictionary builds scientific understanding and vocabulary using cross references, and the thematic supplement on key topics gives more in-depth understanding.

It is part of the new primary illustrated reference series, the perfect set of cross-curricular vocabulary builders, which can also be used to support transition and lower secondary.


  • 1000 up-to-date science words, meanings and technical terms clearly explained
  • Covers vocabulary and topics from the national curriculum
  • With panels and an illustrated supplement for extended subject knowledge
  • Colourful and easy to use with simple illustrations and photographs

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