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Pen Again

PenAgain ErgoSleek Pen - Red

PenAgain ErgoSleek Pen - Red

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Whether you're a journalist, teacher, student, medical professional or you simply want a more ergonomic writing instrument, PenAgain ErgoSleek pen will take you to the comfort zone. The dynamic " tripod" design is proven to reduce writer's cramp and fatigue and enables you to focus on your words rather than your pen grip or writing speed. This elegant pen is made from polished aluminium and has a metal under-body designed to provide the perfect weight and balance.

The cap opens and closes with a subtle twist mechanism and the pocket clip is laser engraved. So you don't run out of ink, PenAgain ErgoSleek also comes with one refill containing black ballpoint ink Medium/1. 0mm.

This model has a metallic body. Helpful for Arthritis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome patients.

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