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Barrington Stoke

The Boy and the Globe

The Boy and the Globe

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This lively and enjoyable story is set in early seventeenth century London where young orphan Toby Cuffe is living on the streets where life is hard. 

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Young Toby lives on his wits.

An orphan and a street-child, he navigates Jacobean London like an old hand.

Meanwhile the city has lost its charm for Will Shakespeare, the playwright from Stratford.

Beset by troubles personal and professional and suffering from writer's block, he has grown to hate the drama business.  

But when Toby stumbles into the Globe, the boy's energy and enthusiasm remind Will of the magic that first inspired his love of the theatre, and the two set to work on a new entertainment for Twelfth Night.

With lots of fun extras including quizzes and make-your-own-puppets!  And when you have made your puppets, you can put on a performance in your very own Globe Theatre!

This book has a super-readable layout and typeface so that even more readers can enjoy it.

It is aimed at children aged 7-10 years.



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