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The Little Book of Gross Motor Skills

The Little Book of Gross Motor Skills

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The Little Book of Gross Motor Skills 

From hoop painting and umbrella dancing to using a hand drill, the activities in this Little Book are designed to support and promote young children's gross motor development.  They all develop key gross motor skills such as core stability, balance, coordination and muscle strength. Each activity provides an adult-initiated and a child-initiated idea.

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Gross and fine motor skills are a prerequisite for writing and without developing these skills effectively, learning how to write can be a near impossible task.

This book is aimed at all those working within Early Years settings, who wish to develop children's motor skills.

With the expansion of technology, the demands of busy lives and the increase in stranger danger, children's upbringing is very different today.

Children are not experiencing the daily activities that help to develop core stability, balance and physical strength.

As a teacher within the EYFS, Ruth noticed the increasing number of children entering her setting with physical developmental delay and has written this book to provide practitioners with some simple but effective activities to help develop gross motor skills.

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