Finding Useful Online Resources for Home Schooling

The recent closure of schools due to the problems caused by the Covid19 pandemic has made many parents consider alternative ways of educating their children the most obvious (and popular) being Home Schooling.

Some of the numerous benefits of Home Schooling are shown below:

  • the choice of curriculum which can be suited to the needs of the pupil
  • the saving of time taking and collecting the children from school can be better used at home
  • to decide what the daily needs are for your child are (drink and meal breaks) and to arrange a suitable timetable around them
  • home work is redundant as it is already done in lesson time
  • to be able to spend more time with your child (children).

Once you have decided to home tutor your child (and have arranged all the legal matters relating to doing this) the next most important thing you must do is to decide on the resources that you will need. The building blocks for all tuition are reading, writing and mathematics.

We have created the Flexitable range of manipulative grids that are probably the most ingenious and simplest idea to help children learn the basic principles of maths. The numbers are printed on soft, flexible folding plastic tables that have vertical and horizontal channels that allow children to continuously fold the tables again and again without being damaged giving them a far greater life than similar paper or cardboard products.

Following the demand for good resources for home tutoring we put together the Maths Home Schooling Kit which contains 3 grids:

  • Multiplication/Division
  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Fractions/Percentages/Decimals

…and each grid is supported by an 8 page lessons booklet.

These grids can also assist Special Needs pupils as the manipulative qualities can help with hand/eye/brain co-ordination.

For more product details and an unbiased review please browse our website and read the write up given by Our Family Reviews who specialise in evaluating products that are suitable for Home Schooling.

We are pleased to say that we got top marks as they marked our product 5 out of 5!

Happy tutoring!

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