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Reluctant Readers

Books especially designed to help children with dyslexia enjoy reading, including books by Barrington Stoke which are accessible, enjoyable and unpatronising short books for children who are dyslexic, struggling to read, or simply reluctant to sit down with a book.

Did you know? These books also benefit children with Visual Stress.  

Most books tend to match children’s interest age and reading age. However, this can be a problem for children who struggle to read or who are simply reluctant to read. The Barrington Stoke range cover fictional and factual books. These books are fun, interesting and children are keener to read because of this. One of our favourites is Survival in Space! 

Did you know?

A reluctant reader is a child who is reluctant to read. He/she can be an able reader who has switch off from reading for various reasons – boredom, disinterest in reading material offered, poor attention span, a general disinterest in the medium of books and the benefits of reading. 

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