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PenAgain Ergo-Sof Pen

As low as £8.75
In stock

The PenAgain Ergo-sof's comfortable "no grip" design may be of particular benefit to people who find it difficult or uncomfortable to hold a pen.

When you first use the PenAgain™ Ergo-sof pen you will immediately notice how different it feels from other pens. 
The human hand dictates the design.

Even though it may feel strange, try to resist the urge to grip the pen with your fingers. Just let your hand relax, and let the weight of your hand hold the pen in place. You'll feel the tension of writing melt away.


  • Soft rubber coating.
  • Comfortable "No Grip" design reduces stress on the hands and fingers (ideal if you are prone to writer's cramp or calluses).
  • Uses a non-pressurized 1.0 mm black ink cartridge.
  • Easy refilling with an extra black cartridge supplied.
  • Black and blue refill cartridges are available separately.
  • Pocket clip / Retractable cap.

 NOW available in: -

  • BLUE 
  • RED
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