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Rainbow Fraction® Circles Demonstration Clings

Rainbow Fraction® Circles Demonstration Clings

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Rainbow Fraction® Circles Demonstration Clings are a vibrant, highly visual maths learning aid for teaching students fraction relationships. Made from an innovative material, Demonstration Clings stick to almost any smooth, flat surface in the modern classroom – no more magnets! They don’t leave a sticky residue and can be used over and over again. Ideal for demonstrating while they use Rainbow Fraction® Circles individual sets at their desks.

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Rainbow Fraction Circles Demonstration Clings are an innovative highly visual maths classroom resource for teaching students about fractions.

Designed for the modern classroom, Demonstration Clings adhere to almost any smooth, flat surface without leaving a sticky residue.
Washable and durable, use them over and over again. To clean, rinse with warm water and allow to thoroughly dry, before storing in their box ready for next time.
Pieces are colour coded for use with other Rainbow Fraction maths classroom essentials.
The 51-piece set includes: 1 red whole (approx. 19cm diameter); 2 pink halves; 3 orange thirds; 4 yellow fourths; 5 green fifths; 6 teal sixths; 8 blue eighths; 10 purple tenths; and 12 black twelfths.

(Caution: Results of the Clings may cause damage when used on different surfaces. Avoid using Clings on newly painted surfaces, surfaces with direct sunlight, and areas that are very humid or hot. Before prolonged use, test the Clings on a small area. Clings work best on smooth, clean surfaces.)

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