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Stabilo EASYsharpener

Stabilo EASYsharpener

sku: ST433-LHPNK

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STABILO EASYsharpener is a multi-talented pencil sharpener it can sharpen three different lead diameters with it. It is the perfect pencil sharpener for products in the EASY range; STABILO EASYcolors, STABILO EASYgraph, STABILO EASYergo 3.15 and most of all thin wooden pencils. Plus, the sharpener comes with ergonomic grip zones to ensure an optimal hold and in versions for left and right handers, it also has a space for a name tag and is a must for every pencil case.

  • Its ergonomic grip ensures a secure hold
  • Space for a name tag is available
  • A safety screw is included in the sharpener to prevent injury to children

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