Collection: Electronics and Software

Technology has transformed how we engage and interact with the world, and it is also helping to transform education. Assistive technology for dyslexia is allowing teachers and parents to provide a more in-depth curriculum, while software for dyslexia is assisting students in engaging further with their education.

There is a wide array of software for dyslexia, and here at The Dyslexia Shop, we provide a comprehensive collection of products. We have carefully selected each item to ensure our customers have the very best experience possible. From voice pads that record and playback up to 40 seconds of speech or sounds to powerful speech recognition software that delivers up to 99% accuracy, you can find it all in our store.

We know that for the best success, learning needs to be fun. That is why alongside essential software for dyslexia such as text to speech devices, we also provide our clients with a vast collection of fun games. From our Grammar Games and fun word builder to maths-based products designed to help those students with dyscalculia, our mission is to help transform the learning process.

Assistive technology for dyslexia helps to target those areas that children struggle with the most, and we have software solutions for all ages. These electronic solutions can help to build student confidence by increasing their participation in classes while also giving them the tools to improve their knowledge.

No two students are the same. That is why we have established the most in-depth collection of assistive technology for dyslexia, ensuring no matter the age or skill level of your students, you will be able to find the perfect solution. Check out the full range below or get in touch with our team to find out more.

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