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Beginning Word Builder

Beginning Word Builder

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This frantically fun number hunt game is ideal for building addition and subtraction skills in the classroom or at home. With this equations board game, players draw a Fish Equation Card and use their Hammerhead Shark Hammer to pick up the Fish Bubble Answer Number Cards to complete the equations. The first player to complete all their addition and subtraction challenges wins! Suitable for 2–4 players.
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Players race against each other to complete basic maths equations in this fast-paced equations board game.

  • Children draw an Equation Card and use their Hammerhead Hammers to pick up Number Cards to complete the equation. The first one to solve the equation wins!
  • Includes 4 Hammerhead Shark Hammers, 55 Fish Equation Cards featuring numbers 0–10, 30 Fish Bubble Answer Number Cards, 4-piece foam play mat for soft-sound play.
  • Suitable for 2–4 players.

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