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Color-Changing Abacus

Color-Changing Abacus

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Children learn to visualise numbers and count with this one-of-a-kind Colour Changing Abacus. The multicoloured beads change to white as children slide them across each rod, helping them to practise counting and patterning, ad well as basic addition and subtraction. This early years maths resource includes a Getting Started Guide with 6 teacher-developed activities.
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This early years maths resource is ideal for classroom maths learning activities.

  • Each row of beads has its own colour. As children slide the beads across, they twist and change to white.
  • This helps children practise counting and patterning, as well as basic addition and subtraction.
  • The included Getting Started Guide has 6 teacher-developed activities.
  • The durable, plastic frame is built for long-lasting use.

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