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Barrington Stoke

Diary of an (Un)teenager

Diary of an (Un)teenager

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Unlike his mate Zac, Spencer is not interested in girls, skateboards or expensive trainers. A hilarious yet insightful story about growing up.

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What it says on the back of the book

Sunday, June 21st
"...I won't have anything to do with designer clothes, or girls, or body piercing, or any of, I shall let it all pass me by. Do you know what I'm going to be? An (Un)teenager."

But then Spencer's best mate Zak starts wearing baggy trousers and huge trainers. He buys himself a skateboard - and even starts going on dates with girls. But Spencer is determined: "Dear diary, I am going to stay EXACTLY as I am now. And that's a promise..."

A hilarious comedy by the "devastatingly funny Pete Johnson". Sunday Times

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